The world’s most wanted equation, well at least for us wanting to grow our brand and boost our presence online.

This blog is aimed at businesses that are ready to join 1000’s of other businesses making millions and reaching their goals through the power of social media.

I have spent years looking for the right equation, I have spent hours with successful influencers and brands trying to understand their secret to unlocking the power of social media. My findings are quite astounding, and I am about to share them with you in this blog post.

Important notice: This equation will not work for you if you want everything to happen over-night… Like most things in life good things come with persistence and patience.

Number 1: Know your Brand & Audience!

I know this may seem self-explanatory but believe me, you would be surprised!

You have to understand your WHY as a brand, and the key to growing it is to make sure everyone in your company and your audience, also understands your WHY just as much as you do!

So, next time you go into your workplace, think about each task you complete and the carbon footprint you are leaving. Is there any way you can improve it?

The second step to tip number 1, understand your audience, where are they, and what time will they be there? I do not mean what time do they go into a coffee shop etc… What I mean is what social platform do they use, and what time is best to catch them online.

Every successful business I analysed all have one thing in common, they all understand their audience in great detail. What this means is you can provide valuable content to them in the right place at the right time!

Number 2: Consistency is KEY!

This is likely to be the buzz word you have heard over and over again, however there is a reason for that.

Let me put this into perspective, Consistency truly is key to business success, if you only post once every 5 days you cannot expect your audience to be engaged or your following to grow.

There is approximately 95 million Instagram images and videos posted every single day!

If you only post once in a working week, you have to contend with 475 million posts that have gone before you, think of the missed opportunities.

#justsaying #consistencyiskey

Which leads me nicely too…

Number 3: #Hashtags

For those who are in the business of growing online, you must understand that GOOD hashtags are essential to your online success.

Notice I said GOOD hashtags, meaning they have to be relevant to your message, brand and audience.

Do not use #kimk if your post does not have a picture of you and Kim Kardashian… there is no point to this at all!

Another thing I found about the successful influences/businesses, they use between 15 & 20 relevant hashtags that have UNDER 600k Tags, why? So, your photo/video is much more likely to be found!

Hot Tip ….. Find other people in your industry that have already got a big following and do what they do.

Number 4: Be Seen and Be Heard!

Now this could sound contradictive to what you were told as a kid “be seen but not heard” this does not apply to the world of social media, in fact it is quite the opposite.

Videos are an amazing tool use them, now more than ever businesses are struggling to engage and get their personality through to their audience, however the ones that are managing are those who are making valuable video content.

You can use live video to do updates, let your customers into your world, you can use YouTube to provide valuable information to your audience. Think about it, what do you do when you need to know how to do something? Or when you need to find information quickly?

Understand what I am saying? If you are not using video, you are falling behind! I can almost guarantee your competitors will be!

Number 5: Quality Content, I have left the best until last.

Do not waste your time creating content that has no relevance or value to your audience.

Before posting take time to think about your end goal, what will your audience get from this post? Will they learn something? Does it build value to them and their brand?

Who will see it, and why would they read it?

Most importantly, is your content share worthy, once you have sussed the ability to get your audience to share your content, your social media following will skyrocket.

Do not just take my word for it, have a look at profiles you deem as successful and see for yourself.

If you would like more information on how I can help you understand your WHY, your audience, and grow your brand online then please contact me on brogan@marketingadventures.co.uk