A Challenge For Charity Event With Kevin Sinfield

Kevin Sinfield


A true act of sportsmanship, Marketing Adventures continue to work closely with the world best athletes building brands and raising awareness, therefore, when Kevin Sinfield’s team come knocking on our door we were equipped and ready to help. 

Capturing every moment of this heartfelt mission, determination and the challenge that both Kevin and Rob Burrow faced. Supporting and helping Kevin develop a powerful digital message ultimately resulting in a whopping £2 Million pound raised for MND charities. 

Our Aim: 

Marketing Adventures aimed to capture emotion, build awareness and gain a strong connection to both the sports world and the general public. Showcasing a story of true friendship, love and one mans mission to truly help another. We had an aim to highlight the experience and the mental challenge that Kevin is taking on, hoping to inspire others to make their own impact and support families affected by MND. 


Our creative vision was strong, we set out to capture every aspect of emotion and determination throughout the full 7 day challenge. We did this by following every step Kevin took in his 7 In 7 Challenge capturing the detail in the struggle and the power of this incredible mans mind, capturing the emotion felt by him and others that watched as he went by. Marketing Adventures captured the events, highlighting the empathy, generosity and atmosphere that Kevin had created.  Producing interview style videos of very powerful words spoked by the UK’s most sought- after sports people, business people and charitable celebrities. 


7 In 7: Reload after endless meetings with the sports organisers, media companies and Kevin himself, we set out to deliver high quality detailed videography and photography. Alongside our PR team, the Marketing Adventures Media Production team captured the emotion and built a strong message that was seen and heard across multiple digital platforms throughout the 7 days. 

Finally after capturing the struggles and dedication from both the members of the public and Kevin we finished with a grand finally of the final event where there was a extensive room filled with a large sum of emotion and generosity. Marketing Adventures captured the heart stopping moment of Kevin raising £2 Million for his lifelong friend Rob Burrow. 


Marketing Adventures media production team successfully delivered a multitude of high quality videography that captured the story and delivered a heart warming message that many people couldn’t scroll buy. Marketing Adventures PR team listened intensely while capturing the joy, empathy and proudness of every individual who stood in the venue to support and give back to two men who are on a clear mission to change the world.