Looking to use ads to generate revenue for your business but not sure which platform would work best for your business?

We, Marketing Adventures, have been working with businesses to generate revenue, increase their bottom line and improve brand awareness for years and what we have found over the past 6 months has been astonishing.

Most business owners do believe that there is a specific social media platform that is best suited to them when it comes to advertising, service-based businesses use LinkedIn, and the rest well, they use Facebook.

But could this be detrimental to their business?

Maybe, over the years we have witnessed businesses receive a slowly declining return on Facebook Ads and over the past 6 months. Has it got worse?

That is why Marketing Adventures have undertaken intense research, looking at new client Ads accounts and comparing them with our exciting clients that use our ad service, and here is what we have found:

You should consider using YouTube Ads to grow your business.


Let’s first address the most common question: “Will YouTube Ads Work For My Business?” Our quick answer is yes! And here is why…

YouTube has 2 million live users every day and 2.3 billion live users logged in every month! With a 78% UK penetration, that is an awful lot of eyes on your content at any given time.

If you are like most of the global population using YouTube regularly, you will know that YouTube is a digital information platform created with video.

We all use YouTube to search for information, we hit YouTube when we want to learn something new… so it comes with no surprise that YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google!

YouTube does not diversify when it comes to the industry either, when you are looking for some information on any subject that is “legal” we are 99% certain that YouTube will show you it.

That being said, it will come as no shock to you that YouTube ads frequently beat Facebook when it comes to engagement.

YouTube has a selection of Ads to play with, for example, TureView, this type of Ad allows a viewer to skip the ad and the business will only pay, if the user watches for at least 30 seconds without skipping. This is great for ROI as you know they are truly engaged with your content if you must pay (for more information on YouTube Ad Type click this link).

YouTube is owned by Google, which is another advantage, not only does it allow you to show an ad on YouTube, you can have it displayed on Google too. Using your Google ads account, you can see all your analytics and have a much clearer understanding of what is working and what is not.

Finally, with the new regulations that have come into place due to Brexit and the tight restrictions on GDPR, Facebook have become increasingly harder to work with and inevitably less effective to run ads for your business and not to mention their big dispute with Apple!

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