Capturing exquisite moments with Lamborghini 

Sarah Restric - Lambo event


As part of our ongoing mission to deliver high-end marketing services across the UK, we are continuing to work with one of the UK’s finest private members clubs “The Club By Sarah” delivering brand development and professional film production that is designed to deliver a feeling of luxury and one of which you dream to belong. 

Our Aim: 

Marketing Adventures aimed to position “The Club By Sarah” as the private members club to the top 1% of our business society. Creating a feeling of belonging to something exclusive for those that live in a world where everyone wants their attention. We aim to capture and cultivate real  long lasting in-depth relationships that will transpire into future business partnerships and friendships. 


Our creative vision aims to transform an events company into the UK’s most sought after private members club that is exclusive to those who wish to build on high-value relationships. Working with the clients to transform original content, implementing a new language that projects the feeling of desire and exclusivity throughout the brand. We wanted to capture moments of pure luxury and a sense of wanting something that only selected people can have, delivering quality and class in every element of the creative content. 


Lamborghini, after a detailed brainstorming exercise with the client we came up with a clear concept of what we would be delivering, Lamborghini was used to create the feeling of luxury, desire and quality. We chose to develop a showreel video to highlight and showcase the brand and its members but in a way that still adheres to their privacy capturing every element of their luxury life style along the way. 

The showreel is aimed at individuals that desire to be apart of something above their normal and leaving them wanting to buy into a life style rather than an event. 


Marketing Adventures media production team successfully transformed the brands content, messaging and visual identity online, producing a luxury experience that others wish to be apart of.