Developing Manchesters Skyline With HEXA Projects

Hexa Projects

Marketing Adventures reigniting creativity with a construction company delivering innovative interiors that is set to change the skylines of all major cities in the UK. Our branding and media production team worked closely with the developers and builders on HEXA’s major development in Manchester, to create a detailed time-lapse film of the construction and renovation, highlighting the innovation and attention to detail on this outstanding project.

Hexa Projects Manchester

Our Aim: 

Changing perceptions in a developing world, we aim to deliver a high-quality film production following every stage of a forward thinking customer lead commercial development. Marketing Adventures visited the site on several occasions at different stages in the building creation, looking to highlight different components and people to share their vision and showcase a clear mission of this innovative company. Using our high-tech equipment we aim to film and produce each angle, position and create a vision of a building and an immersive experience that can be seen even before the final product is brought to life. All footage will be used on each digital platform aimed at a specific target advance. 


Our creative team working on this project aims to provide in-depth detail on each stage of this production. Treating the project like ones we have worked on via Grand Designs, we look to show each stage of a development and tell a story without the use of words. We look to enable the building to speak for itself and highlight the finest of construction innovation and incorporate the companies vision and mission to change Manchesters skyline for the better. We will use drone footage, immersive shots and create an atmosphere throughout each stage in the buildings development. 


After taking the time to meet with the owners, architects and construction leads we came back to our Leeds based office to strategise our approach. Using our former knowledge and ongoing skills within the property market we created a plan that would lead us to create a show stopping film production of what could be known as a “building site”  and make it into a location filled with vision, craftsmanship and innovation. We had a plan to create a feeling and an atmosphere in an empty space by using all of the people, the components and the location to highlight something spectacular and that is what we did. 


Marketing Adventures worked on this project over the course of 12 months, following each stage of the development and capturing all of the attention to detail that has made this project possible. Over the course of the 12 months we got to know the team, the location and the building itself, this is very much shown in the end product. Both Marketing Adventures and the construction company are very pleased with the outcome.