Elevating Urban Boutique Apartment’s brand presence in the hospitality industry

Urban Boutique Apartments


We embarked on a journey to elevate Urban Boutique Apartment’s brand presence in the hospitality industry. Urban Boutique Apartment is a luxurious, fully serviced apartment in the heart of Harrogate, catering to both business and leisure travelers. The apartment offers spacious, self-catering accommodations that provide guests with the freedom to work, entertain, cook, sleep, and relax in style and comfort.

Our Goal: 

Our objective was to create compelling visual content through a photoshoot and three videos that showcased the apartment’s unique offerings, enticing potential guests for business trips or leisure stays.

Our Aim: We aimed to elevate Urban Boutique Apartment’s visibility within the hospitality industry and position it as a sought-after accommodation option in Harrogate. Showcasing the apartment’s spaciousness, luxury amenities, and ideal location for business and leisure travelers. We aimed to create engaging videos that captured the attention of the target audience, inspiring them to consider Urban Boutique Apartment for their next stay. 


We utilised photography and videography to tell the story of Urban Boutique Apartment, emphasising its spacious luxury and comfort. Promotional Tour Video: We produced a captivating promotional tour video set to music, showcasing the apartment’s key features and amenities. Transformation Video: We created a “before and after” transformation video to highlight the apartment’s immaculate presentation and the potential experience for guests. Owner Introduction Video: We crafted a warm and inviting video introducing Luke, the owner, to build trust and establish a personal connection with the audience.


Through the creation of compelling visual content, Marketing Adventures successfully elevated Urban Boutique Apartment’s brand in the highly competitive hospitality industry. The photoshoot and three videos effectively showcased the apartment’s luxurious and spacious accommodations, attracting both business and leisure travelers. The personalised touch of introducing the owner, Luke, added a warm and inviting aspect to the brand, establishing trust and building connections with potential guests. As Urban Boutique Apartment continues to provide exceptional guest experiences, Marketing Adventures remains committed to supporting their marketing efforts, ensuring ongoing success in the Harrogate hospitality market.

We are delighted with the videography and photography work Emily has done for us recently on our luxury holiday home Urban Boutique Apartment in Harrogate. We look forward to working with each other in the future. Excellent service and very personable! Thanks Emily :))

Luke Todd – owner of Urban Boutique