Enhancing an Online Presence

Buhler Management

Buhler Management, owned by Maria Buhler, is a prominent interim management provider based in Austria. With a focus on delivering top-tier interim management solutions to businesses across various industries, Buhler Management has earned a reputation for its expertise, professionalism, and successful placements of experienced executives on an interim basis.


Buhler Management partnered with Marketing Adventures to enhance online presence and effectively engage with the target audience on social media, particularly LinkedIn. The primary objectives of the collaboration were as follows:

Establish Thought Leadership: Position Maria Buhler and Buhler Management as thought leaders in the interim management industry by sharing valuable insights, industry trends, and expert perspectives.

Expand Network and Reach: Grow Buhler Management’s network on LinkedIn by connecting with relevant industry professionals, potential clients, and industry influencers.

Generate Leads and Increase Inquiries: Utilise LinkedIn as a lead generation platform to drive qualified traffic to Buhler Management’s website, resulting in increased inquiries and potential client conversions.


Marketing Adventures developed a comprehensive LinkedIn marketing strategy to elevate Buhler Management’s online presence and effectively engage with the target audience. The strategy involved the following key components:

LinkedIn Profile Optimisation: Marketing Adventures optimised Maria Buhler’s LinkedIn profile and the Buhler Management company page to reflect their expertise and services. They ensured that key information, such as industry keywords, services offered, and contact details, were easily accessible to potential clients and partners.

Engagement and Networking: Marketing Adventures actively engaged with LinkedIn connections, industry groups, and relevant posts to foster networking opportunities. They participated in discussions, shared valuable insights, and built relationships with potential clients, industry influencers, and executives seeking interim management solutions.


Thought Leadership Content Creation: Marketing Adventures collaborated with Maria Buhler to develop engaging and informative content that positioned her and Buhler Management as thought leaders. This included sharing industry insights, expert articles, case studies, and success stories related to interim management and executive placements.


Through the implementation of their LinkedIn marketing strategies, Marketing Adventures achieved notable results for Buhler Management:

Thought Leadership Positioning: Maria Buhler and Buhler Management established themselves as thought leaders in the interim management industry on LinkedIn. The consistent sharing of valuable content, insightful perspectives, and industry expertise garnered attention and respect from the target audience.

Network Expansion: Buhler Management’s LinkedIn network expanded significantly, with an increased number of relevant connections within the interim management industry. The active engagement with industry professionals, clients, and influencers fostered valuable networking opportunities and enhanced the company’s reach.

Creating a Noise: Marketing Adventures successfully created a buzz around interim management. Maria experienced a high level of inquiries and comments of people in business saying “she is seen everywhere online”.