Enhancing Artium Group’s social media presence



We took on the exciting challenge of enhancing Artium Group’s social media presence upon their launch. Artium Group is a privately-owned real estate investment and development group, headquartered in the picturesque Victorian spa town of Harrogate. The company encompasses a diverse range of specialist subsidiaries, each catering to unique aspects of the real estate industry.

Our Goal:

Our objective was to create a comprehensive social media strategy that highlighted Artium Group’s diverse portfolio, showcased their achievements and certifications, kept the audience updated on team developments, facilitated recruitment efforts, and introduced all areas of the business.

Our Aim:

Our aim was to elevate Artium Group’s presence across social media platforms to increase brand recognition and foster a larger online community. We wanted to highlight the specialised services of each subsidiary, including Artium Investments, Artium Construction, Artium Asset Management, Artium Property Management, Artium Living, Artium Workspace, Allure Holiday Lettings, and Alteza Student Accommodation. Whilst we shared success stories, celebrated milestones, certifications, and successful real estate projects to showcase Artium Group’s expertise and credibility. We also utilised social media channels to attract top talent, promoting recruitment opportunities within the organisation.


We completed a social media audit: conducted a thorough audit of Artium Group’s existing social media presence to identify areas for improvement and optimisation. We developed a month by month content calendar to ensure a consistent, yet also relevant stream of engaging and trending content across all social media platforms. We produced visually attractive graphics and videos to showcase Artium Group’s properties, construction progress, and team members. We actively engaged with the audience through responding to comments, messages, and inquiries, fostering a positive online community. We finally launched targeted recruitment campaigns, showcasing the benefits of working with Artium Group and promoting job opportunities within the organisation.


Through a comprehensive social media strategy, Marketing Adventures successfully elevated Artium Group’s online presence and amplified their brand across diverse platforms. The engaging content, captivating visuals, and interactive campaigns fostered a strong sense of community around the Artium brand. By showcasing the company’s diverse offerings, highlighting achievements, and promoting job opportunities, Marketing Adventures played a pivotal role in positioning Artium Group as a leading real estate investment and development organisation in Harrogate and beyond. As Artium Group continues to grow and thrive, Marketing Adventures remains dedicated to supporting their marketing endeavors for future successes.