Giving the most vulnerable a voice 

Black Box

Stopping exploitation is the mission that Black Box Research and Consultancy are on. Marketing Adventures have embarked on a mission with tremendous value. Working with Black Box has allowed us to have a porpoise in a world with such strong intent, Dr Grace Robinson, owner of Black Box appointed us to help the Black Box team spread the word and stop child exploitation on a global level. Educating and creating content that will highlight a world that is hidden to most people and providing a platform that allows individuals that are currently being exploited to speak out. 

Our Aim: 

Marketing Adventures wanted to help Black Box create the platform and ensure that the message was here by the right people, spreading a very clear message on a professional level. We started with the website, ensuring that the platform highlighted what they were striving for and enabled growth. We then continued to manage all social media platforms and grow strong relationships in the world  of PR identifying media companies that would best suit Black Box on their mission. Working with the team to create educational videos to get their message heard. 


Our creativity is endless on this project, working closely with the academics on this project we have a strategy to take this business viral. With a clear mission and passion for the incredible work they deliver, we have set out to transform their digital platforms into a trusted influential voice, the place where people go to for information and one where children can reach out to without feeling afraid of the consequences.


We are delivering educational content across all relevant social media platforms, creating a YouTube channel that will allow the professionals to educate, whilst building a platform where children can have a voice and have confidence that professionals will help them find justice.