Did you know that building a brand is easy? What’s hard is doing it in a way that is much more valuable to your audience than your competitors. Even better, it has never been easy to build a brand. How? You may ask, by the end of this short and informative article you will have all the tools you need to start building your brand.

Before I get into it, I think the next question is really important, if I asked you what your favourite brand is, what would it be?

For me, it would be Mercedes, Rolex and Gucci. Why? Because they make me feel special.

Tip number one: EMOTION

When it comes to building a brand the large companies with the highest success, know what emotional marketing is, and they know exactly how to use it on their audience.

With that golden information in mind, I challenge you to look at how other companies use emotional marketing in their campaigns and try and incorporate it into your own strategies.

Tip number two: Build value

I can’t tell you how important this is when it comes to building a brand.

You can create content all you want, but unless it is relevant to your services and valuable to your audience, you may as well spend all your time creating and then put it in the bin.

When I am working with clients, I simply ask this question.

If you could only present one last message about your service what would you say and how would you present it?

This question allows space for the client to really think about their services, what problems they solve and why it is so important to their customer.

Hey presto, the information they present has value, it is relevant, and it sends out the right message corresponding with their brand.

This leads me nicely on too…

Tip number three: Be clear and consistent

Having a clear message across all your social platforms is yet another important key to success.

Whatever your service or product, stay consistent so when people see your logo or someone talks about your company, other individuals automatically know who you are and what you do.

Being consistent with content is also paramount to building a brand and your online presence.

Especially when it comes to social media. By posting clear relevant content, consistently this will have the drip effect and naturally build your brand.

Tip number 4: Audience Profiling

This I am sure is something you have heard of before, but unless you know who your audience are and what platforms they are using. All the information above becomes irrelevant, how can you build valuable content when you don’t know what your audience wants?

How can you build a brand when you don’t know who you are aiming at?

If you are posting on Instagram 24/7 but your audience is 95% made up of 65-year-old CEO… Your content on Instagram will be useless and a complete waste of your time. However, if you were using linkedIn it would be a totally different story!

Tip number 5: Crack the code of sharing!

Now, this is the single most important thing when it comes to building a brand. Once you know your audience, you identify what makes them buy your product or service and you understand what information they want from you.

The next step is to get them to share your brand, this could be a referral or in this day and age a post on Instagram, a review on YouTube or a 5* review on Google.

Now that I have pointed this out you will start to recognise and look at the content you share on behalf of other companies i.e.

You go to a really nice restaurant, the food is amazing, you experience 5* service, the food is presented well, you are made to feel a million dollars and of course your friend was there last week. What do you do?

You take a picture and you share it. If the restaurant has a clever marketing plan, they will ensure they have some branding in that picture, worthy moment. What happens next, well it creates a desire for another customer to do the same because we all have this need to be part of something and accepted. Then like magic the restaurant becomes known and the brand grows without having to do constant campaigns and ads of their own.

Believe me this works on any product or service as long as you become creative, constant, and valuable!

If you would like more information on how to build a brand, book a free call with myself to discover how I can take your brand from average to outstanding!