Lamont Johnson – Redefining Care Sector Property Advisory through Strategic Digital Management & Lead Generation

Lamont Johnson

Client Overview: Lamont Johnson holds a distinguished position as property advisors specialising in the discreet sale of care homes and C2-use land nationwide. Renowned for their expertise in the care sector, their commitment to confidentiality and specialised advisory services sets them apart in the industry.

Marketing Adventures’ Contribution: Marketing Adventures partnered with Lamont Johnson to amplify their online presence and strengthen their position in the care sector. The focus was on managing their LinkedIn and Twitter platforms, providing updates on new listings, recently sold properties, and showcasing why Lamont Johnson stands as the premier advisor in the sector. Additionally, Marketing Adventures manage their LinkedIn Sales Navigator, successfully attracting leads and scheduling meetings with Lamont Johnson’s principals.

Strategic Approach: Marketing Adventures formulated a comprehensive digital strategy centered on leveraging LinkedIn and Twitter as primary communication channels. The goal was to establish Lamont Johnson as a go-to authority by highlighting their expertise, recent successful sales, and unique value proposition.

Execution: With a blend of informative and engaging content, Marketing Adventures regularly updated Lamont Johnson’s LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. This included posting updates on new property instructions, sharing success stories of recently sold care homes, and articulating the distinctive advantages of working with Lamont Johnson. Simultaneously, we effectively utilised LinkedIn Sales Navigator to target and secure high-quality leads, ultimately scheduling meetings with Lamont Johnson’s principals.

Results and Impact: The collaborative efforts between Marketing Adventures and Lamont Johnson yielded substantial results. The consistent and strategic content sharing on LinkedIn and Twitter significantly elevated Lamont Johnson’s online presence, attracting attention from industry professionals and potential clients. The use of LinkedIn Sales Navigator proved highly successful in generating qualified leads and securing meetings with key decision-makers being buyers, sellers & interested parties.

Client Satisfaction: Lamont Johnson expressed profound satisfaction with the outcomes, acknowledging the impact of Marketing Adventures’ efforts in enhancing their digital presence and lead generation capabilities. The partnership evolved into a symbiotic relationship, enabling Lamont Johnson to strengthen its foothold in the care sector.d

Future Prospects: Empowered by the success of their collaboration, Lamont Johnson and Marketing Adventures are poised to continue their journey. With a focus on sustained engagement and leveraging digital platforms to expand their reach, the partnership aims to further solidify Lamont Johnson’s position as the premier property advisor in the care sector.