Advising brands on how to use public relations successfully. We offer an insight-lead, people driven public relations package to businesses across the North East of England.

We use creative insights to build powerful communication strategies that are used online and offline to communicate more effectively with their target market.

Digital PR

Our services cover B2B & B2C public relations, using our PR specialisms to allow our clients to deliver their product or services into other companies or of course individual consumers depending on their requirements.

Public Relations

We work to create online reactive and proactive strategies that will increase your brand awareness and get you in front of your desired audience. Turning articles and press releases into digital content that will work to serve your exposure and online rankings.

Digital PR has never been more important for SEO, we work on a strategy that not only gets you in front of people, but ensures that you show up when people are looking for you.

We expand your brand into the general public beyond the media. Strategic planning and advice on where to be seen and heard by the right people at the right time. This could be via events attended, sponsorships, brand awareness or PR stunts that will enable you to be seen by your captive audience.

Media Relations

If your brand or business has news to announce, this is what we will use to do it! Reaching out to the correct media organisations and working on high-level media strategies that will push your brand into the correct places. This could include TV, Radio and online/offline media outlets.

Influencer Marketing & Brand Ambassador Management

Over the years we have formed relationships with influencers that have a wide range of listeners and digital audiences. By using influencers as part of your PR strategy, we are able to connect with groups of individuals that have a shared interest for your service or product.

Increasingly, influencers are seen as a credible sales source that provide a trust worthy testimonial on your company, and in turn, can influence your target market’s buying habits. We work with you to ensure that the influencer/influencers are the correct match for you to ensure you get the best possible outcome and are able to reach the correct target market.

Management fees start from £997 +VAT