Social Media Paid Ads

Paid advertisement

Paid advertisement shows your product or service to your ideal client when they need it most!

Paid advertisement is incredibly powerful for businesses with an existing online presence or a growing one with professional, digital marketing support.

MA have a team of specialists that are dedicated to delivering data driven results and the best thing is… there is no guessing.

Paid advertisement is the perfect solution for organizations with a significant marketing budget set aside to effectively increase their sales and their brand awareness.

Long gone are the days of hoping people may see your advert in a newspaper, you can now choose who sees your content and at what time, all while building your online brand.

Meta Facebook Ads

A great way to showcase your product or service to those who don’t know they needed it is by influencing them to realize they do!

Or you can keep showing your content to those who have showed interest in the past but have never taken any action YET, this stage is called “re-marketing”.

Instagram – we can help you grow your audience and your following by using stand out creatives for your ads.

Promoting an event? Facebook and Instagram advertisement is the perfect tool you need to make sure your event is an unforgettable success.

“The more you see something, the more you convince yourself you need it.”
Be seen
Be heard
Be visible