Social Media Video Production

Social Media Video Production

Video Production & Photography for your Social Media

Quality has always been key when it comes to ensuring your business stands out from its competition and is noticed by your target market.

Now in 2022, this statement has never been more true and business owners are starting to see this for themselves.

When it comes to social media and showcasing your brand online, high-quality video and photography production is what makes your social media get recognised, in what can be an already busy and overcrowded environment.

MA’s video production specialists work with businesses to ensure the quality of video production and photography is at the highest of standards.

Working with your business to create high-quality videos that can be used on your social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and TikTok. MA also create video and photography that can be used in any digital marketing campaign you choose i.e. website launch or email marketing.

Above all, we ensure that the professional images and video services we offer represent your brand and your core message.

Prices starting from £400 + VAT

  • MA take care of video planning
  • MA take care of photography planning
  • MA take care of creativity
  • MA take care of production
  • MA take care of social media planning
  • MA take care of research
  • MA take care of you