Revitalising Johnson’s social media presence



We embarked on a journey to revitalise Johnson’s social media presence, a traditional renowned fruit and vegetable store that has been a staple in the charming Town of Wetherby since 1950. Johnson’s prides itself on handpicking fresh and high-quality fruits and vegetables daily, catering to the local community’s culinary needs.

Our Goal: 

Our goal was to breathe new life into their social media strategy, providing engaging and valuable content to showcase the seasonal produce, offer recipes, run exciting competitions, and introduce the friendly faces behind the brand.

Our Aim:

Our aim was to revamp Johnson’s social media channels to foster active engagement with the local community and customers. To showcase the freshest and in-season fruits and vegetables, encouraging customers to choose Johnson’s for their grocery needs. We wanted to provide customers with recipes and cooking ideas to demonstrate the versatility and deliciousness of Johnson’s produce, and humanize the brand, to introduce the team members behind the scenes to create a personal connection with the audience.


We developed a diverse content plan that included posts about seasonal produce, mouthwatering recipes, engaging competitions, and employee spotlights. W utilised eye-catching images and videos to showcase the vibrant fruits and vegetables, as well as the delightful dishes customers could create. We created a series of recipe posts featuring Johnson’s produce, offering step-by-step cooking instructions to inspire customers in the kitchen. And introduced the team members through engaging posts and interviews, putting a friendly face behind the brand.


We saw increased engagement: Johnson’s social media presence experienced a significant boost in engagement. We saw a boost in business calls: the engaging content led to an average of 20 calls per month from customers inquiring about Johnson’s produce and services. Not only this, we also enhanced their address taps: the appealing content also resulted in an average of 10 business address taps per month, indicating a growing interest in visiting the store. The interactive competitions and engaging content contributed to building stronger customer loyalty and brand advocacy.