Scotland Prefa Project:


We took on the challenge of amplifying PREFA’s brand presence in Scotland. PREFA, with over 75 years of experience, is renowned for manufacturing robust aluminium façades and roofs. These durable products are planned and installed by competent partners, ensuring long-lasting protection for homes.


The primary objective of the campaign was to showcase PREFA’s excellence through stunning visuals, focusing on their projects featured on the popular TV show “Grand Designs.” The material was to be used within their new UK brochure launch & UK marketing material online. To accomplish this, the team embarked on a journey across the UK, capturing breathtaking drone shots and producing high-quality 4K photographs of five remarkable PREFA installations.


Our aim was to present PREFA’s materials & projects as high quality. We wanted to enhance brand recognition and awareness among the UK audience. We also had to ensure that the final project met the head office in Austria’s management teams expectations. Our work also aimed to attract potential UK customers interested in premium aluminium façades and roofs for their own projects.


The Marketing Adventures team, in collaboration with PREFA, carefully selected five sites across different regions of Scotland, each featuring unique architectural elements and design concepts. Utilising state-of-the-art drone technology and professional photography equipment, the team captured the installations in stunning 4K resolution, ensuring an immersive and visually striking experience. The visual content was edited to ensure the highest quality in post production.


The collaboration between Marketing Adventures and PREFA proved to be an outstanding success, elevating PREFA’s presence in the Scottish market. Through the captivating visual content, PREFA’s exceptional products and services were effectively showcased, capturing the hearts of potential customers. The journey across the Scotland not only highlighted PREFA’s Grand Designs projects but also showcased their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, positioning them as a leading choice for robust aluminium façades and roofs in Scotland. As PREFA continues to protect homes for decades to come, Marketing Adventures is proud to have played a vital role in their marketing adventure.

I recently had the good fortune of utilising the expertise of Marketing Adventures. Their skills and knowledge is second to none and they also went that ‘extra mile’ to ensure that they delivered the required result. Special thanks goes to Emily and Shaun for their efforts and attention to detail.

Chris Oldfield – PREFA Group