Do you know what it truly means to be sustainable or does it just seem like a term that has been thrown about recently? With the current COP26 conference and headlines focusing on the importance of acting upon climate change, it has become a new objective for businesses to review how sustainable they actually are.

One of the most impactful ways to define sustainability is the development that meets the needs of present generations without compromising the needs of future generations. The emotions that arise when we think of how the future could look like for our families down the line are haunting; without action, the climate will only worsen at a faster rate.

Alarming data from NASA shows that the Earth’s atmospheric temperature has increased 2.12 degrees Fahrenheitdue to the proliferating amount of carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. Not only this, but each year there has been a loss of 148 billion tonnes of ice in Antarctica alone. The accelerating sea levels, extreme weather conditions and horrific rate of deforestation has reached a point where action must be taken. Although these changes should have happened a long time ago, it is important that we don’t dwell on the past, but instead look to the future and ALL do anything we can.

In saying that, here at MA, we have spent the recent months researching and learning as much as possible about how to better our business in the nation’s goal to reach carbon net-zero by 2050. We were the Headline Social Media Sponsors of the Yorkshire Post Climate Change Summit 2021- an event where businesses collectively shared their strategies and periodic goals. Throughout the day, we heard from multiple large organisation leaders and understood their stance on how businesses can become eco-friendly.

However, one issue repeatedly stood out to us at MA- how could SMEs contribute to the new sustainable business goals without a large funding pot? How could ALL businesses take action? After raising this point and leading a discussion at the event, we soon realised that any change is positive, no matter how big or small.

SMEs make up 99.9% of the total business population in the UK- wow, our thoughts exactly. This figure, given directly from the Government, showcases the sheer power that SMEs ultimately hold when combined as one.

As a digital marketing agency, we work with multiple companies and a range of budget sizes when it comes to improving the sustainability factor. It is easy to say, “Go Green”, but how could this become a reality for our clients and all other SMEs? The best way to summarise our findings is that single-handedly, a small business cannot change the environmental crisis; however, a united and collective force of ALL SMEs contributing in any way possible can, and will, certainly help reach the end goal by 2050.

But what can you do? Have you considered going paperless? This is something that we pride ourselves on here at MA as a fully digital company. Even by doing the things that seem so small, turning off the lights when you exit a room, put on extra layers of clothing before turn ing on the heating system or turning the tap off when not in use- these are all highly effective if every business did so. Have you considered the packaging of your products? Use biodegradable materials and aim to be plastic-free. Even as much as recycling, as much as this seems second nature to most of us, a lot of people still don’t do it.

So, next time you go into your workplace, think about each task you complete and the carbon footprint you are leaving. Is there any way you can improve it?

The MA team are using our role to promote a better world; at the core of digital marketing, there lies promotion. Our job is to promote a message online and ensure it gains traction with the right audience. For our clients, we have the power to choose each particular message, how we deliver that message and who we deliver it to. This very privileged position allows us to create campaigns around things that matter the most. Now, the nature of marketing is innovative, stand out with the right message and you’ll attract the right attention. Promoting sustainability is not only the right thing to do, but it is also an extremely effective marketing strategy.

Team Marketing Adventures would like to say how delighted we are to be using our influential role to promote a better, greener world. In the future, we hope that all of our clients will be carbon net-zero and using their own platforms to encourage other SMEs to act in the same positive way.

By Alicia Walker