Brogan Huntington | Marketing Adventures April 1st 2021

Lost the will to live when it comes to understanding marketing? In this article we will uncover the truth around marketing in 2021.

After watching the BBC programme that showcased Betty’s Of Harrogate in its finest form, it spiked a thought process that led me to writing this article that you are reading today.

What makes marketing a success and how can a company like “Betty’s” founded in 1962 still be in the forefront of everyone’s mind in 2021?

After a rigorous analysis of Betty’s overall online presence, I found a trend that I have now come to find familiar in all longstanding successful organisations such as Harrods.

They all deliver consistency, passion and a clear brand message… but that is still not it.

What I have come to understand is the main driver behind their success, is their understanding of their target market and its wants/needs.

Betty’s of Harrogate know who their target market is and what they want from them and more importantly when they want it and the same goes for Harrods.

Although the way they market and deliver their products and service may have changed over the years, the main thing that has stayed the same is their understanding of their customers and listening to what they want from them has stayed the same.

  1. Marketing in 2021 has become a bigger beast, yes, it may be more time consuming with all of the new platforms and endless possibilities to be seen all over the world, however, the marketing principles have stayed the same.
  2. Understand your vision. What do you want? Where does your passion lay?
  3. What problem do you solve or what is your product fulfilling?
  4. Who are your target market? What do they want from you?
  5. Social listening
  6. Creating value & staying consistent

I can honestly say that this is the way to market your business in 2021. Influencers have been around for years, in the form of establishments or individuals. They are leaders within the industry because they have gained trust, built value and delivered a consistent service. How have they done that?

They understand their target market to the point where they know their demographics, their interests and their behaviours and they deliver products or services to serve them.