Turning Ice Swimming into an Olympic Sport


Our goal:

To get IISA regcognised as an olympic sport, and here we are, LEN has agreed to work with the International Ice Swimming Association to develop ice swimming in Europe. The European Aquatics Federation (LEN) and the International Ice Swimming Association (IISA) are proud to announce that they will be working together to promote the sport of Ice Swimming in Europe. Based on the experience of a successful and professionally delivered 5th edition of the IISA World Championships of Ice Swimming in Samoëns, France on 11-15 January 2023 which we marketed, both parties are keen to begin work closely together to ensure further development of the discipline of ice swimming in Europe.

Eliminating all limitations, Marketing Adventures took Ice Water Swimming to the next level, providing the world’s greatest Olympians with a digital platform to showcase and highlight their sport. Traveling to the coldest parts of the world and taking ourselves to a whole new level physically and mentally. We successfully documented and put IISA on the map to become a new Olympic sport. 


To gain as much coverage as possible, educating and showcasing a sport that is both good for the mental and physical being. We followed the International Ice Swimming Association when they embarked on their biggest challenge yet, aiming to create a multitude of videography and photography that would change the course and create a pathway of presence that would go onto show IISA as a Olympic sport. 


Our Media and PR team worked endlessly to ensure that IISA was covered by all major broadcasting stations. Alongside this we would follow all of the athletes and their individual stories on what this sport meant to them and the challenges that they had to overcome along the way, ending in the championships in France, we documented the highs and the lows of this amazing sport. Finishing with the grand finally in France where we seen the GB team bring home some trophies.   

Our creative aim was too collaborate with other companies and create a story that would showcase this incredible story and take the sport viral. 


Our mission was a great one, we would travel around the UK and Europe to ensure we did not miss a single part of IISA’s incredible journey. Documenting the champions on a mission to get this sport recognised, not only this we wanted to share individual stories on a digital platform, like all sports, it is mostly about the athletes journey and what it truly means to them. We found ourselves interviewing some incredible people all on completely different journeys but all found it equally as important individuals such as Bare Grylls, Ram and Jonty Warnekin shared their stories and supported our creative vision. 


We have now formed a partnership between the Olympic board and IISA. Marketing Adventures had great success having prime-tine BBC coverage live at the Championships and growing the IISA platform taking reels and videos viral. Our success has lead to an ongoing relationship that is set to last. Marketing Adventures continues to document the athletes and manage IISA social media platforms, working with other counties to collaborate further.