Comprehensive social media strategy

Venturi UK

Venturi UK respresent high end suppliers of Glazing systems in Steel, Bronze and Alluminium, specialising in delivering high-quality building components to the UK construction market. With a focus on innovation, design, and performance, Venturi UK has established itself as a trusted partner for prestigious architectural projects, including award-winning buildings and high-end private residential developments.


Venturi UK partnered with Marketing Adventures to strengthen its social media presence and effectively engage with its target audience: high end architects. The primary objectives of the collaboration were as follows:

Increase Brand Awareness: Establish Venturi UK as a leading authority for UK architects in innovative specification consultancy by expanding its reach and visibility on social media platforms.

Showcase Prestigious Projects: Highlight Venturi UK’s involvement in prestigious architectural projects to build credibility and demonstrate the company’s expertise and capabilities.

Engage Target Audience: Create compelling social media content that resonates with architects, fostering engagement and building relationships within the industry.


Marketing Adventures developed a comprehensive social media strategy to elevate Venturi UK’s online presence and effectively engage with the target audience. The strategy involved the following key components:

Industry Insights and Expertise: Marketing Adventures developed informative content that demonstrated Venturi UK’s expertise in innovative specification consultancy. We shared industry insights, trends, and best practices to position Venturi UK as a valuable resource for architects seeking high-quality building components.

Engagement and Networking: Marketing Adventures actively engaged with the target audience by responding to comments, inquiries, and messages on social media platforms. We facilitated discussions, shared additional resources, and built relationships within the industry to foster engagement and establish Venturi UK as a trusted partner.


Content Planning and Curation: Marketing Adventures collaborated closely with Venturi UK to identify and curate content that showcased the company’s involvement in prestigious projects. They highlighted notable achievements, including collaborations with renowned architects and appearances on popular television shows, such as Grand Designs.

Visual Storytelling: Leveraging captivating visuals, Marketing Adventures created a visually appealing social media presence for Venturi UK. We showcased project images, architectural renderings, and behind-the-scenes glimpses to captivate the target audience and convey the company’s commitment to excellence.


Through the implementation of their social media strategy, Marketing Adventures achieved significant results for Venturi UK:

Increased Brand Visibility: Venturi UK’s social media presence expanded significantly, with a notable increase in reach, and overall brand visibility to their target market of high end architects. The compelling content and captivating visuals captured the attention of the target audience, leading to increased brand awareness and recognition within the architectural and construction industry.

Showcasing Prestigious Projects: Venturi UK successfully highlighted its involvement in prestigious architectural projects through social media. By featuring project images, architectural awards, and renowned collaborations, Venturi UK established credibility and demonstrated its expertise and capabilities to potential clients and industry professionals.

Engaged and Growing Community: The informative and visually appealing content generated higher levels of engagement with architects. The target audience actively interacted with the social media posts, leaving comments, asking questions, and seeking further information. This engagement fostered a sense of community, trust, and credibility around Venturi UK’s brand.